Donic Bluefire M1

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Product Overview

Product information "DONIC Bluefire M1"

Uncompromising attackers and offensive players.
Fast and dynamic; plays slightly softer than the M1 Turbo.
Technology: Narrow, long pimple structure, extremely fast and spinny topsheet, medium hard sponge (47,5°).

Our iconic blue tension sponge combined with an extremely spinny topsheet: This innovative combination results in a high-tech rubber generation. The topsheet, with its narrow and long pimple structure, gives the rubber maximum flexibility and a sensational feel. Especially when playing
topspin shots, the BLUEFIRE provides unbelievable dynamics and an extremely high flight path (arc). This provides maximum rotation and optimal catapult properties.

control: 6
speed: 10++
spin: 10++
hardness: Medium+
surface: spin-elastic
Characteristics: OFF, OFF +
DONIC-Technology: FD3 Technology


(No reviews yet) Write a Review